A Portable Introduction to Data Analysis: A new open textbook

A new open textbook, A Portable Introduction to Data Analysis, has been published in Open Textbooks @ UQ.

About the book

Associate Professor Michael Bulmer has published the sixth edition of A Portable Introduction to Data Analysis on Open Textbooks @ UQ to make it freely available to all UQ students and staff, and the wider community.

Book cover of A Portable Introduction to Data Analysis

The book has been written to provide a friendly introduction to data analysis and statistical modelling. It covers all the material in a standard introductory course at university, as well as more advanced topics such as multiple and logistic regression.

It is also intended to be a useful guide for secondary teachers in science and mathematics, showing the role that experimental design and data analysis play in a range of scientific areas.

Previous editions of this book have been used for more than 20 years at UQ and incorporate ongoing feedback from students and other academics, as well as new developments in pedagogy.

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Last updated:
5 March 2024