Sustainable Finance: A new open textbook

Sustainable Finance, a new open textbook, was published in February 2024 through the Australian Council of Australian Libraries (CAUL).

About the book Sustainable Finance book cover

Sustainable Finance answers the question of how business and investors can incorporate environmental and social factors into financial decision-making.

The book is at an introductory level and walks readers through embedding sustainability in all types of finance.

The second part of the book provides a deep dive into two topical issues: corporate transition to net zero and Indigenous finance. 

The book is collaboration between The University of Queensland and the Auckland University of Technology.

Open Educational Resources Collective

The OER Collective offers an open textbook publishing platform through Pressbooks for CAUL members who take part in the Collective. It seeks to assist authors at participating institutions to publish open books as well as with collaborative publishing amongst member institutions.

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There are also grants available to help UQ academics to adapt or create open textbooks and use them in courses.

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Last updated:
26 March 2024