Improvements over the holidays

We're using the end of year break to freshen some of our spaces. We hope you enjoy these updates to our libraries. 

Building works and fencing

Central Library (level two)

The level two entrance to Central will be closed from 4pm, 6 December until 21 January  2020 for structural works. The Nature Trail area near the entrance will be closed between December-January for fencing and gardening work.

The building work may be noisy at times. Quiet study spaces are available at other locations including the Biological Sciences Library and Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library.


Biological Sciences Library (all floors)

Painting starts on Wednesday 20 November and is expected to finish Friday 13 December.

The painters will start on level four and work downwards. They will cordon off the stairs and lift on the floor where they are working. 

There will be paint smells in the building during this time. If you are sensitive to paint smells, please use an alternative study space.

Other locations

The painting will continue in other locations. We will update this post with dates as they are available.

  • Walter Harrison Law Library (group rooms, level four) - work completed 6-8 December.
  • Central Library (level 1) - 21 December 2020.
  • Duhig Tower (bathrooms, level two) - 6-10 January 2020.

New chairs

Biological Sciences Library (level three)

From 25-26 November, we will replace 200 chairs on level three. Please excuse us while we shuffle the furniture and swap out old chairs on levels three and four. 

Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library (level two)

We added 150 new chairs to level two on 28 January 2020. We hope you enjoy the new study chairs.

New computers

Over the break, we will replace computers in some libraries:

  • 2-6 December 2019
    • Central Library, level two
    • Walter Harrison Law Library, levels two and three.
  • 9-10 December, Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library, level two.
  • 19-20 December, Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library, level three.
  • 12-13 December, Walter Harrison Law Library, level four.
  • 16-17 December, PACE Health Sciences Library.
  • 29 January 2020, Mater (Whitty Building).

If you using these computers, we may ask you to save your work and move to another computer. We will then remove the computers and set up new ones.

Noise reduction

Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library (level three)

Level three of Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library will be closed from 6-14 January 2019 for the installation of acoustic panels to reduce noise in this study space at busy times.

Please use an alternative study space while this work is completed. Level two of Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library is not affected by this work.

Green cross hatched acoustic panels hanging from the ceiling and white panels stuck to the roof.
The acoustic panels include green cross-hatched panels hanging from the ceiling and white panels stuck to the roof.  The panels reduce how far noise will travel and helps to separate group and individual spaces to create a peaceful environment.

Click the picture for a closer look.

Updated AskUs service point

Central Library (level one)

After operating a temporary service point since August, AskUs moved back into their upgraded service point area in Central Library on 21 November. The new space is looking great!

AskUs service point with desk, computer and phone. Picture from the staffed area behind the desk.
Renovated AskUs service point on level one of Central Library. 

Other updates

We will update this list throughout the holidays and keep in contact on Facebook and Twitter:

  • 21-22 November - we are repairing the roof on level four Biological Sciences Library. As mentioned above, level four will already be closed for painting. Please use one of the lower floors for study. There may be some construction noise.
  • 21-22 November - we are replacing the water trays under the hot and cold water taps and fixing the benches in Biological Sciences Library. Cold water may be temporarily unavailable while these works are complete. Please use the kettles provided for hot water.
Last updated:
6 February 2020