Your feedback January-June 2018

Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback on our library services. Most of the feedback received via our online feedback form between January-July 2018 related to the following.

The Library Collection

Feedback about our collection included comments about accessing high-use materials (the change from two to 24-hour loans and the trial of a single pick-up point for high-use and requested items), the impact of the collection being reordered in Social Sciences and Humanities Library and having to return books after three loan renewals.

  • We are monitoring 24-hour loans of high-use items and welcome further feedback on how these loans are working for you.
  • As mentioned in our blog post collect requested items at St Lucia libraries, we have reinstated collection points at Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library for requested items based on your feedback now the trial has concluded.
  • Collection movements in the Social Sciences and Humanities Library are continuing as we incorporate various collections into the main collection. Books should always well signed and easy to locate.
  • If you renew the loan on a book three times, you will have borrowed it for about a year. We need you to bring it back to the Library after three renewals so we can see you still have it and that it is in good condition. If you would like to continue using the book - and it has not been recalled - take it to an AskUs service point and check it back out.


Facilities feedback included comments about air conditioning temperature, food smells, the cleaning of spaces at busy times, people leaving their belongings at desks and computers while they are not there, the movement of furniture and the lack of powerpoints at study desks, issues with the kitchenette at  the UQ Gatton Library and a lack of computers to search the Library collection in our libraries.

We have:

  • updated kitchen facilities at UQ Gatton Library and Biological Sciences Library
  • added a number of additional study desks and tables to our various libraries and opened the Fryer Library as a quiet study space. In the longer term, we will renovate levels one and two of the Social Sciences and Humanities Library to create more space and better facilities for students
  • started trials using iPads for quick searches of the collection

Because the Library is a shared space where an individual’s behaviour will have an impact on others, we have guidelines around using Library spaces. We will keep working to address problems as they arise. If you have a suggestion that might help, please let us know.

Feedback highlights

Creatures that lurk above!

This piece of feedback about the Biological Sciences Library caught our eye in March:

Subject: Creatures that lurk above!


I know you have probably been notified of this already, but there are vermin of some description taking up residence in the roof of the fourth floor of the Biological Sciences Library (heard most notably in the graduate section through the vents).

Now, i'm not super "pro-hunting" or anything, but I am pro-justice. What isn’t just is that I am paying significant tuition fees for the access to this library, while they most assuredly are not. It is therefore only fair and right to either: ask them to relocate their place of residence or start loading them up with a HECS debt.

If they are however enrolled students, I apologize, however, they are not sticking to the prescribed 'quiet' code that is requisite on this floor.

Also, the security guard checks my student card almost every night, and I haven't seen him check theirs even once.

Thanks, thanks heaps.

~ Jesse

Thank you Jesse. Our response was:

Dear Jesse,

Re: Creates that lurk above!

Thanks for your e-mail and we greatly appreciate you can see the lighter side of the issue. It made for very amusing reading.

We have indeed reported this previously, but clearly, the creatures, that we suspect are possums, have returned. I have submitted another request and explained how disturbing it is for users of the fourth floor postgraduate area in Biological Sciences Library.

Thank you for reporting it in such an imaginative and amusing manner.

~ Library staff

We worked with pest control to remove these critters. Given that the Library is a highly attractive locale, please let us know if you feel we may have more visitors in the roof.

A lovely compliment

One of our staff members received this lovely feedback on AskUs chat. She was touched and shared it with the Library team! We are so proud of our students and love it when you graduate!

Hilary (Library Staff) Hi, welcome to UQ chat.

Adam (Library user): Hey Hilary,

Hilary: Hello, do you have a query?

Adam: not a query just my thanks to you wonderful library staff for the last three years at uq

Adam: I am graduating

Hilary: That's very kind of you , I will pass your thanks on. Congratulations on your graduation!

Adam: thank you and have a wonderful day.

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