Newly digitised slides available in UQ eSpace

UQ Library digitises resources to preserve at risk items and to provide easy and convenient access to its collections. We’ve recently made over 700 at risk images freely available via UQ eSpace (and Trove, and Google). 

The collections cover a variety of subjects and are licensed under creative commons or copyright expired, so users can get creative and incorporate our images in projects or work. Here’s a sample of the images available:

Undergraduate Library 1975-76

This collection consists of 112 slides that were used for the UQ Library’s Undergraduate Library’s orientation and information sessions in 1975 and 1976. (Hipster alert: We love the technology and fashion depicted).

Images of Western Queensland

These images were taken by Geoffrey Luck, a regional journalist at Longreach with the ABC from 1953 to 1955. This collection consists of 117 slides of Western Queensland. The images depict important features of regional Queensland in the 1950s including airplanes, road trains, and farming.

Magic Lantern projector and glass slides

A magic lantern projector was an early type of projector where glass slides of photographs or painted pictures were inserted into the projector, illuminated through a bright light source and then projected onto a screen or wall. This collection consists of 22 glass slides (including the projector, which is fueled by kerosene) mainly depicting images of flowers, landscapes and buildings. They are a wonderful example of early photography and projection.

Henry Mobsby Collection

Henry Mobsby was a Queensland artist, photographer, and a pioneering filmmaker, who was appointed as the photographer for Department of Agriculture and Stock in 1897 and the Intelligence and Tourist Bureau in 1899. Mobsby’s photography and filmmaking gained international recognition when he represented Queensland in many agricultural exhibitions all over the world including the San Francisco World Expo and the Franco-British Exhibition in London. The images in this collection range from displays of exhibitions, people, animals, buildings and landscapes.

Papua New Guinea Association of Australia

There are 78 slides in this collection donated by members of the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia. The slide images depict Papua New Guineans in their traditional dress, buildings, and landscapes.  

We hope you enjoy browsing and working with the images from these fabulous collections in UQ eSpace. Why not enter the Digital Public Library of America's GIF IT Up competition using some of these images. Details can be found at Trove




  1. Undergraduate Library orientation slide 0006, The University of Queensland Library, 1975 to 1976
  2. Pilot and hostess rest in the shade at Boulia, 1954 to 1955
  3. [View of Place de la Bastille with Colonne de Juillet at centre, Paris, nd]
  4. Cat, nd
  5. Leaving Kiunga on patrol from Lake Murray with Dave Calder, [Papua New Guinea], 1952
  6. Undergraduate Library orientation slide 0072, The University of Queensland Library, 1975 to 1976   
  7. Undergraduate Library orientation slide 0083, The University of Queensland Library, 1975 to 1976
  8. Undergraduate Library orientation slide 0097, The University of Queensland Library, 1975 to 1976
  9. Road trains of Eric Ballard Longreach and Max Bailey, Ilfracombe, [ Longreach?], 1954 to 1955
  10. Captain on the aircraft, [Longreach Airport, Longreach], 1954
  11. Sheep up ramp to road train, [Longreach?], 1954 to 1955 
  12. St Kilda foreshore, Melbourne, [c1914 to ?]   
  13. [View of unidentified building, road in foreground, unidentified location, nd]            
  14. [Carnations, nd]
  15. Queensland wheat and cotton trophy, [British Empire Exhibition, Wembley, London, England, c1924 to 1925]
  16. Group of people, some standing, some sitting, among ruins, nd           
  17. View across Flyer River when low from Kiunga residence, [Papua New Guinea], 1952    
  18. Iuris, Green River, [Papua New Guinea], 1954
  19. OIC's [Officer in Charge] residence, Green River Patrol Post, Sepik District, [Papua New Guinea], 1954          
Last updated:
9 November 2016