UQ Library hosts Nick Earls to launch ‘Wisdom Tree’

Over a conversation with his PhD supervisor Nick Earls took us on a journey from New York City to NoHo, Los Angeles discussing his five novellas, 'Wisdom Tree'. 

‘Wisdom Tree' is a new model for novella publishing, a PhD project and a chance for Nick to turn his best ideas into a series of five novellas to be published at monthly intervals from May to September 2016.

Like many of Nick’s good ideas, it began at Toowong Coles.

It was there, in the fruit and vegetables section that he would chat to his PhD supervisor, Dr Kim Wilkins, Senior Lecturer in Writing at The University of Queensland where the idea for releasing his five novellas as part of a PhD came to life.

Nick Earls completing a reading from his second novella, Venice

“I was excited about a number of different ideas that had been growing for a number of years. I hadn’t done anything with them. They seemed to be destined to be that intermediate length. If I was to turn one into a novel, I would be faking it but to turn it into a short story I would give up something that would be really important,” Nick said.   

“I wanted to see if there was a different way. I thought this might be the time to try novellas with lives that are getting crowded with stuff, people aren’t reading until their holidays come around.” 

“Here you can have a reading experience that takes you deep, deeper than a short story will, that gives you the satisfaction of a novel in a movie length time and you can access it as a paper, electronic or an audio book,” he said. 

UQ graduates, Emeritus Professor Mary Mahoney and Dr Patrick Mahoney attended the event. 

Dr Patrick Mahoney and Emeritus Professor Mary Mahoney purchasing their copies of Gotham and Venice from the Co-op Bookshop. 

"Patrick and I really enjoyed the 'Wisdom Tree' launch of Nick Earls' novellas last week. Dr Kim Wilkins who led the discussion was an excellent facilitator. The audience was kept enthralled by his comments and Nick has a wonderful sense of humour which kept us all laughing. He has a great skill in observing everyday life and people find it very easy to relate to what he is saying and to his insights,” Emeritus Professor Mahoney said. 

Zigzag Street remains one of my favourite books and I'm looking forward to delving into Gotham and Venice.”

“I have known Nick for many years as his mother was a friend and colleague of mine and Patrick occasionally sees him at the supermarket at Toowong. One of the endearing things about Nick is his obvious fondness for UQ both as a medical student and now as a PhD candidate at UQ. He is a former Alumnus of The Year and someone of whom the University is very proud," she said.

His first two books Gotham and Venice were available to purchase at the event and Nick signed copies afterwards. They are available on campus at the Co-op Bookshop or online

Nick Earls signing copies of his novellas.  
Nick Earls with our Friends of the Library, Roxanne Jemison and Brendan Barker. 

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Nick Earls has donated his papers to the ​The University of Queensland's Fryer Library, collection UQFL376.  To view the collection contact the Fryer Library

Last updated:
31 January 2017