Find personalised funding and research opportunities, such as calls for conference papers and possible collaborators, with the Pivot® and Research Professional (Pivot-RP) database.

4. Search for funding and opportunities

Find, track, tag, and share funding opportunities. Save your searches to receive relevant weekly updates on new funding opportunities. 

Tips for finding funding:
  • Start early and be mindful of the deadline
  • Click through to the website of the opportunity for the most up-to-date information
  • Look to see who and what has been successful in winning the award previously
  • Evaluate if the amount of the award is worth the time it will take to apply.

Ways to search

Press the Funding button to search for opportunities. Search all fields, search by funder, search by keyword, or use Advanced Search. 

Pivot-RP search box.

Using Advanced Search

On the Funding page, press the Advanced Search button. Enter search details into the:

  • Find opportunities matching section - things to include
  • Exclude the opportunities matching section.

Use the search fields such as Funder, Deadlines, Activity Location, and Keywords to create more specific searches.


In either section:

  • Use the Keywords section to match searches to your research interests 
  • Press Browse to select keywords from a list for more accurate results.

Refine and save your searches

From the Search Funding Results screen, you can refine your results so they are more relevant to you.

Criteria set by UQ: default criteria apply to your search so that the opportunities you see are more relevant to you, i.e. available in Australia or not geographically restricted.

Refine your results with search filters

Apply filters such as Recently Added, Deadline Certainty, Funding types, etc. to refine your searches.

Save your search results

Save your searches to allow you to re-run or refine them at any time. Stay up-to-date on any new opportunities by choosing to receive weekly email alerts for your searches.

  1. Press the Save Search button
  2. Enter a descriptive name for your search
  3. Choose whether you wish to receive weekly email alerts of new results (you can change this by managing your saved searches)
  4. Press Save to finish.

There is no limit to the number of searches you can have.

Manage saved searches

Select the Home button (House icon) > Saved Searches:

  • Select the search title run the search and view the new results or all results
  • Press the Options button for search to:
    • Share
    • Rename
    • Edit
    • Add tags
    • View archived results
    • Turn off the alert email
    • Delete the search.

See Searching for Funding Opportunities for more information.