Find funding opportunities using funding databases and websites. Tips for finding funding:

  • Start early and be mindful of the deadline
  • Click through to the website of the opportunity for the most up-to-date information
  • Look to see who and what has been successful in winning the award previously
  • Evaluate if the amount of the award is worth the time it will take to apply

1. Funding sources

Discover opportunities you may have otherwise missed or overlooked by searching in the library's subscription database for funding opportunities, Research Professional which includes:

  • Australian based and international opportunities
  • opportunities covering all scholarly disciplines
  • funders from all levels of government, universities, foundations and the private sector
  • a range award types e.g. for travel, prizes and fellowships.

The opportunities are summarised so you can quickly and easily determine your suitability or interest.

You may search as a guest in Research Professional but setting up an account will enable you to:

  1. Save searches
  2. Be alerted to opportunities that match your research interests
  3. Bookmark opportunities.