Browse Read and Publish agreements for pre-paid open access publishing and discounts on Article Processing Charges (APC). 

Read and Publish agreements progress the transition to open access publishing. UQ authors can publish their research in included open access titles without paying APCs. The Library funds open publishing via a combined access and publishing cost. 

More about Read and publish (transformative) agreements.

Read and publish agreements are available to UQ academics, sessional staff and students, adjuncts, UQ honorary, and academic title holders.

Find a journal with an agreement

Browse agreements on this page or use the Journal search (UQ login required) tool in UQ eSpace. Filter titles by Open Access:

  • published version for pre-paid or discounted APCs or Open Access with paid APCs 
  • accepted version for Open Access via UQ eSpace with an embargo period.

Check the Information for authors section for each publisher for guidance on how to publish your paper as open access. Refer to your specific journal to see if any conditions apply to the agreement.

Use your UQ affiliation when submitting

The corresponding author must be from UQ and have the correct affiliation when publishing. Use:

  • your UQ email address  
  • The University of Queensland as the institution's name.

Select CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians) AgreementTransformative AgreementR&P Agreement, or similar in the publisher submission system.

Multiple affiliations

List UQ as your affiliation by using your UQ email address in the submission system to take advantage of pre-paid or discounted APCs. This includes when UQ may not be your primary affiliation or the only affiliation in the manuscript.

Select a Creative Commons license

Your Open Access article will be published under a Creative Common License. The license specifies how the work can be reused. 

The publisher will specify the licenses available to you in the Information for Authors section on the Publisher Agreement Information page or as part of the submission workflow.

See Choosing a license to understand the license features or use the interactive License Chooser tool.

2023 Read and Publish Agreements enable UQ authors to publish papers in included journal titles without paying an APC (charges are pre-paid by the Library).

  1. Browse the publishers listed below and their agreement status.
  2. Check the Information for authors section for each publisher for:
    • the included titles 
    • how to publish your paper.
  3. Check if any conditions apply to your specific journal.


Capped agreements limit the number of Open Access articles published in the agreement year on a first-come first-served basis. 

Claims are automatically approved based on the corresponding author's UQ affiliation in the publisher's submission process or will be reviewed by the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL).

Check the included titles and offers for the following publishers.

Publisher and titlesUQ offerOpen Access options
Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press
See Cold Spring Harbour included titles (XLSX, 11.1 KB)
Pre-paid APCs for included titles.
Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Publishing
See Discounted ICE Publishing titles (XLSX, 32.2 KB)
15% discount

Mathematical Sciences Publishers:

  • Geometry & Topology
  • Algebraic & Geometric Topology
  • Algebra & Number Theory
  • Analysis & PDE
  • Pacific Journal of Mathematics
Pre-paid APCs for included titles.

Royal Society of Chemistry
Royal Society of Chemistry titles 2023 (XLSX, 35.6 KB)

Guide to article licensing as an author (PDF, 1.1 MB)

15% discount


The Library does not fund APCs for journal titles that are not covered under the agreements listed. 

Publishing options include

Instead of paying an APC, consider:

  1. Selecting an alternative title with a Read and Publish agreement
  2. Open Access publishing in UQ eSpace with an embargo period (known as Green Open Access).

Use Journal Search (UQ login required) in UQ eSpace to find alternative titles or embargo pathways (under Sherpa Romeo open access and archiving policies).

You can also self-fund the APC cost (including using grant or other funds if permitted).