Access your grades

From your Learn.UQ Course Site:

  1. From the Course Menu, select My Grades

Course menu with My Grades circled.

View your annotated comments, feedback and rubric

Your assignment will have a number of options for reviewing marks and feedback depending on how it has been marked. These include:

  • Annotated Comments (via assignment link)
  • View Feedback including Attached Documents (speech bubble icon)
  • View Rubric (marking criteria) 

My Grades view with the Assignment link, view rubric and speech bubble circled.

View Annotated Comments

  1.  Click on the Assignment Link from the My Grades screen.

On your document, there are two ways for annotated comments to be provided.

  1. Highlighted text: To view the comments associated with highlighted text, left click anywhere on the highlighted text.
  2. Speech bubble: To view comments associated with a speech bubble, left click on the speech bubble icon.

Assignment viewer with highlighted text circled and speech bubble icon.

View Feedback including Attached Documents

  1. Click on the Speech Bubble icon from the My Grades screen.
  2. A popup box will appear with any written feedback and any uploaded documents.

Popup box with attached document circled.

View your results rubric

  1. Click the View Rubric link from the My Grades screen.
  2. Click on Grid View or List View to change the rubric view.

Rubric with grid view and list view circled.