Important: DO NOT delete a Kaltura file that you have submitted as part of an assignment. This will make the file unavailable for marking by your instructor.

For information on the recommended video upload settings, refer to the Video Content Recommendations guide. 

    Submit through the assignment submission link

    Access the assignment submission link

    1. Access your Learn.UQ course.
    2. From the Course Menu, select Assessment.
    3. Open the required assessment item folder. 
    4. Click on the assignment submission link.

    assessment submission link

    1. Click on the Write Submission button.

    Warning: DO NOT use the 'Attach Fi;es option, as it will take a long time to upload and your course coordinator will have difficulty viewing it.

      write submission

      1. If required, click on the double arrow to view the full text editor.
      2. Select Mashups > Kaltura Media from the text editor.

      mashups and kaltura media selected

      Option 1: Upload and attach a video/audio file

      1. Click the + Add New button and select Media Upload from the drop-down menu.

      media upload

      1. Click on the + Choose a file to upload button.
      2. Select and open the required file(s)

      choose file to upload

      Option 2: Attach a previously uploaded video/audio file

      1. Click on Select button to submit a video/audio file from the list.

      select button highlighted

      Option 3: Record and attach a webcam recording

      1. Click the + Add New button and select Express Capture from the drop-down menu.

      add new and webcam recording highlighted

      1. The webcam will launch in a new window.
      2. Click on the Allow button to allow Kaltura access to your microphone and camera.

      allow video recording

      1. Click on the record button to start a recording.

      click anywhere on screen to start recording

      1. Click on the stop button to stop a recording.

      stop button

      1. Click on the Use This button to save your recording.

      click anywhere to pause

      1. Alternatively, click on the Record Again button to discard the recording and start again.

      save button highlighted

      1. Enter a video name in the Name textbox.
      2. Add a short description of the video in the Description textbox – refer to assignment instructions.
      3. Enter your course code in the Tags textbox - or as specified by your instructor.
      4. Click on the Save button.

      webcam recording details

      1. Click on the Back link.

      go to my media

      1. Click on the Select button for the webcam recording you want to submit. 

      select button

      Submit the video/audio file

      1. The video or audio file will be embedded in the text-editor.

      Note: You will not be able to 'play' the submitted video within the text editor.

      1. Click on the Submit button to submit the assignment. 

      submit button highlighted

      1. You will then be presented with the successful submission screen.

      sucessful submission

      Submit to the course gallery

        1. Access Learn.UQ.
        2. Select My Media from the Tools section.

        My media link

        1. Click on the + Add New button and select Media Upload from the drop-down menu.

        image choosing media upload button

        1. Click on the + Choose a file to upload button.
        2. Select and open the required file(s)

        choose file to upload

        1. Enter a title in the Name textbox.
        2. Enter your course code and any tags specified by your instructor in the Tags textbox.
        3. Enter a short description as specified in the assignment instructions in the Description textbox.
        4. Click the Save button.

        Adding video information

        1. Click on the Back link.

        back button

        1. Click on the the Actions button below the media player and select Publish from the drop-down list.

        Clicking Actions and Publish

        1. Check the checkbox next to your course from the list.
        2. Click the Save button.

        Select course and save

        1. The video or audio will be published to the Course Gallery (pending means it is only visible to your course coordinator via the Course Gallery).
        2. Note: For videos or audio that are not to be shared with the rest of the students enrolled in the course, the status will remain as pending and the video or audio will only be visible to you and your course coordinator.

        Pending video