Contact AskUs

Contact AskUs for technical support for any issues you experience with your assessment in Inspera.

Access a laptop

You can borrow a laptop from the Library if you do not have a suitable device for your studies or exams. Loans are for 24 hours or for 28 days and stocks are limited.

Additional laptops may be available at exam venues if you experience technical difficulties on exam day.

Diversity, Disability, and Inclusion

If you have a disability, mental health or medical condition, illness, injury or exceptional circumstance, there are services available to assist you in your studies, including for doing assessments in Inspera. Students with primary carer responsibilities may also be eligible for services.

You can meet with one of the Diversity, Disability and Inclusion Advisers to discuss your options. Diversity, disability and inclusion has information about the services available.

Alternative exam arrangements

You can apply for alternative exam arrangements (AEAs) if circumstances prevent you from taking your exam at the allocated time, or if you need adjustments made to be able to sit your exam. Please see the Alternative exam arrangements page for more information.