We offer various options for digitisation

Staff member scanning a book on a high speed scanning machine

 Bound volumes 

The Treventus ScanRobot 2.0 is a high speed mass digitisation system designed for bound material. This allows us to easily scan  bound volumes and make them available online via UQ eSpace.

Staff member scanning a architectural plan on large scanner

 Heritage items, architectural plans and maps

The SMA Scan Master 0 scanner allows us to scan heritage items, ranging in size from a pocket war diary to a large architectural plan and maps at high resolutions, enabling us to preserve and share our heritage collections.

Staff member scanning book on medium sized scanner


The Bookeye scanner facilitates quick digitisation of rare books, newspapers, periodicals, and magazines, making our collections visible to the world.

Staff member photographing a small object in photography studio

 Fragile and 3D objects 

The photography studio digitises fragile and 3D objects. This enables us to support teaching, learning, and research by digitising special collections.

staff member using multimedia equipment


We digitise a range of analogue media, including at risk audio and audio-visual formats, for preservation and access.

Please contact the digitisation team to discuss the best option for your digitisation need.

You can assist to progress the scanning of our collections so they can be preserved and shared online by making a donation. Thank you for your support.

You can view some of our digitised collections on the Online exhibitions webpage.