Introducing soundproof booths

UQ students, book a soundproof booth at the Central, Dorothy Hill or Biological Sciences libraries for a fun new study experience.

Try the booths and complete a short survey to tell us what you think! We'd love to hear from you.

About the booths

The booths are soundproofed, enclosed spaces. Feel free to make some noise — you won't affect the people around you. Jump inside to:

  • Take a private meeting or call 
  • Practice a presentation 
  • Listen to music without headphones.

We have both one-person and larger two-person booths.


Inside you will find:

  • Convenient device charging (1 power point, 1 USB-C and 1 USB-A)
  • Good ventilation and automatic lights
  • Felt lining on the walls for comfort.

The one-person booth has a bench, height-adjustable stool and footrest. The two-person booths offers a central table with a seat on either side.

Photo gallery

View photos of the booths by flicking through this gallery.

Soundproof booths.


Library and floorOne-person boothsTwo-person booths
Biological Sciences Library, level 3-1
Central Library, level 183
Central Library, level 22-
DH Engineering and Sciences Library, level 26-

How to try a booth

UQ students can book a booth in UQ Book It, including by scanning the booking QR code at the booth. Alternatively, if you find one that is free, pop in and check it out.  

Make a booking 

Book a booth (UQ login required) 

  1. Select One-person meeting booth or Two-person meeting booth
  2. Optionally, press Available now or select a date and time to check availability up to 7 days in advance. See our Booking rules for details. 
  3. Select an available booth to make a booking. 
One-person meeting booths in UQ Book It.

If you are in a booth without a booking, you may be politely asked to leave if a person arrives who has booked the space. 

Send us your feedback 

Complete a short (2-minute) survey by scanning the QR code available within the booth during Semester 1, 2023. Share your thoughts about the booths with us, including:

  • Suggesting what the booths might be called 
  • Whether you think they should be bookable spaces.


Last updated:
28 February 2023