Cultural advice statements for cultural safety

We are privileged to be the custodian of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collections. To provide access to those collections in a culturally safe way, we have expanded the use of cultural advice statements on our website. 

The importance of cultural advice statements

Since colonisation, much of the information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has silenced, ignored or erased their contributions to knowledge, their perspectives and their consent. 

Some of the resources within UQ’s collections contain information that is culturally sensitive or unsafe. For example, they may reveal secret or sacred ceremonies or cultural practices. These items should not be seen or read without warning or consent.

Cultural advice statements improve cultural safety by alerting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about sensitive materials. This means that people can choose to view the item if they feel safe and comfortable.

The statements also inform the UQ community that resources may be generalised or stereotypical, inaccurate, or from a Eurocentric perspective.

Places you may notice cultural advice

These statements are in addition to long-standing cultural advice statements provided for resources in systems UQ eSpace.

You can read cultural advice statements:

  • On the home page: a cultural advice statement is included with Library Search on the home page for clients searching the collection
  • As a tab and pop-up box on the website: a pop-up box may appear for people arriving on the website if they haven't previously closed the pop-up on their computer. When the pop-up box is closed, a Cultural advice tab is present on the side of the screen.
Home page showing cultural advice statement and pop-up.
Library home page with cultural advice statements with Library Search and as a pop-up box. The statements link to more information on the Culturally sensitive collections page.

Click the image for a larger version.

Library Search

Filter your results

Use the Cultural advice - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples filter to include or exclude results based on their cultural advice statement. Visit Adjust your search results for more information on using filters in Library Search.

Enlarged version of Library Search results and cultural advice filter.
Library Search results and search filters. The 'Cultural advice - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' ​​​​Advisory statement ​filter is highlighted. 

Click image for larger version.

Read the cultural advice for an item

Select a resource with a Cultural advice flag from your search results. The cultural advice appears in a banner near the top of the item information.

Thesis 'Building capacity for indigenous community control in health' in Library Search. The item has a cultural advice flag and a cultural advice statement banner that reads:

​"Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are warned that this thesis may contain images, transcripts or names of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples now deceased. It may also contain historically and culturally sensitive words, terms and descriptions."

Fryer Library Manuscripts

Cultural advice for collections in Fryer Library Manuscripts can be found in the Content and structure area and Notes area for those collections.

Find out more

We are committed to developing culturally competent, trauma-informed and inclusive practices for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and peoples and proudly support the UQ Reconciliation Action Plan.

Visit our Culturally sensitive collections page for more information, or to:

  • Flag a resource for review or make a takedown request including when you believe an item may breach copyright, relevant laws or lore or contain culturally sensitive information
  • Access support resources when culturally sensitive collections are traumatising or retraumatising. 
Last updated:
6 March 2023