1. Access learn.uq.edu.au.
  2. Click the My Media link in the Tools box on the Welcome Screen.

My media link

View, download, edit or delete media

Play a media file

  1. Click on the media title or thumbnail to open the video file within a player.

Selecting a video thumbnail

  1. Click on the Play button on the media player.
  2. Click on the Expand player button to view the video in full screen mode.

Choosing expand player button

Download a media file

  1. Click on the Download video button to download a copy of the video.

Clicking the download video button

Edit media information

  1. Click the Actions button below the media player.
  2. Select Edit from the drop down list, to adjust:
    • The media name
    • The description
    • Media Tags

Selecting edit from the actions list

Delete a media file

To delete a media file, you can either:

  • Click the Delete button whilst in edit mode, or
  • Click the Delete button beside the media from My Media list, or
  • Select Delete from the Actions button drop down list below the media player.

Important: Do not delete a video that you have submitted in an assignment. This will make the file unavailable to your instructor. They will be unable to mark the media content.

Selecting delete beside the media

Selecting delete from the actions menu

Create a clip from an uploaded video

  1. Click on the Edit button next to the video or audio file.

My media edit button

  1. Click on the Trim Video tab below the media player.

Trim video

  1. Click on the Play button to view the video clipping timeline.

Clicking the play button

  1. Adjust the start and end points by either:
    • Dragging to adjust the duration bar in the video clipping timeline
    • Pausing the video at certain points and then use the buttons Set Starting Point, Set Ending Point
    • Manually entering the required Start Time and End Time.
  2. Preview the changes.

Adjusting the start and end points

  1. Click on the Trim Video button.

Clicking the trim video button

  1. The clip will be processed and the original media in My Media will be trimmed.