Insert a media mashup into the Learn.UQ text editor.

Insert Voice Recording

Click the Mashups button > Voice Recording

Your instructor may specify that you include the audio, or audio and a screencast, via the Kaltura Media Server instead. If so - see the Kaltura mashup instructions below.

  • The voice recording window will pop up
  • You may be required to Accept the conditions and Run the application to load the recording tool.
    If the application is blocked you may need to update Java or change your Java plug-in security settings as described above.

  1. Click Record to make your recording
  2. Click Stop to finish
  3. Click Play to listen to the recording
  4. Adjust your volume and retake the recording if necessary
  5. Click Submit to insert the recording

Preview your recording

The content will only display after you have completed and submitted the post
You may be required to accept and run the Java application when viewing the post for the recording playback tool to appear.

Flickr Photo

  • Click the Mashups button > Flickr Photo
  • Search for, select and submit a photo

Insert Kaltura Media

Kaltura content includes videos and audio, recording a video from webcam or recording a screen cast with optional video and audio.

Click the Mashups Arrow button > Kaltura Media

Follow the Kaltura upload or record video or audio instructions for using Kaltura.

Preview your video:

  • Click Preview on the text editor
  • Click Watch Video

Insert YouTube video

Embed a video video

To insert YouTube movies on campus you need to be signed into the UQ Internet Management System.

  • Click on the Mashups button
  • Select YouTube video from the drop down list

Search for video

  • Enter the keywords you want to search for into the Search textbox
  • Select At least one of the words from the drop down list
  • Click the Go button

  • Search results will be displayed
  • Click the appropriate Preview button to view a video

Click the Player Controls button for more options.

Close the preview and click on the Select button to embed the video into your content area.

Add YouTube Content to Course

Edit the title in the Name textbox if needed.

Mash-up Options

Select a view from the View drop down menu:

  • Thumbnail – click on a small image to open the video.
  • Text link with player – click on this link to open the video.
  • Embed video – a full size video link is inserted into the page.

Note: The owner of YouTube video can select to not allow the video to be embedded. It is recommended that you use the Thumbnail option.

  • Optionally, select the Yes radio button the setting Show YouTube URL.
  • Select the Yes radio button selected for the setting Show YouTube information.

Tip: Best practice is to include as much information as possible about video.

  • Click on the Submit button

The video will be displayed in the content area.

Inserted Video displayed on page