Video Guide

Submit a video journal (YouTube, 2m 36s)

Access the journal submission link

  1. Access your Learn.UQ course. 
  2. Click on the video journal submission link. 

video journal link

  1. Click on the Create Journal Entry button.

create journal entry

  1. Enter a title in the Title textbox. 
  2. From the text editor, select Mashups > Kaltura Media.

Kaltura Media mashup

Option 1: Upload and attach a video file

  1. Click the + Add New button and select Media Upload from the dropdown menu.

add new media upload

  1. Click on the + Choose a file to upload button.
  2. Select and open the required file(s)

choose file to upload

  1. Click on the Save and Embed button. 

save and embed button

Option 2: Attach a previously uploaded video file

  1. Click on the </> Embed button to submit a video file from the list.

embed button

Option 3: Record and attach a webcam recording

  1. Click the + Add New button and select Express Capture from the dropdown menu.

add new express capture

  1. The webcam will launch in a new window.
  2. Click on the Allow button to allow Kaltura access to your microphone and camera.

allow access to microphone and camera

  1. Click on the record button to start a recording.

click on the record button

  1. Click on the stop button to stop a recording.

stop recording

  1. Click on the Use This button to save your recording.

use this recording

  1. Alternatively, click on the Record Again button to discard the recording and start again.

record again

  1. Enter a video name in the Name textbox.
  2. Add a short description of the video in the Description textbox – refer to assignment instructions.
  3. Enter your course code in the Tags textbox - or as specified by your instructor.
  4. Click on the Save button.

video journal

  1. Click on the </> Save and Embed button for the webcam recording you want to submit. 

save and embed

Submit the video journal

  1. When prompted, click on the Yes, please button to confirm submitting media as an assignment.

yes please

  1. The video journal will be embedded in the text editor.

Tip: You can also enter any required text (e.g. a reflection) into the Entry Message textbox.

Note: You will not be able to 'play' the submitted video within the text editor.

embedded video

  1. Click on the Post Entry button to submit the video journal. 

post entry

  1. You will then be presented with the successful submission screen.

submitted journal