Library Search news - February 2023

Check out these updates to Library Search that will save you time and make searching more convenient.

Set your preferred number of search results

You can now set your preferred number of search results per page. When you're logged in, your browser will remember your preference for next time.

  1. Press the number of search results field e.g. 1-10 of 171,380 Results. The Results per page box will appear
  2. Select from the options of 10, 25 or 50 results per page
Library Search results for 'Zebra'. Results per page box: 10, 25 or 50 results. 10 results per page is current selected.

Search your saved items

You can save items from your results into your Favourites. Press the Go to Favourites button to use them later. 

Now you're able to use quickly filter your saved items using the Search saved items field. Search for keywords in the title and author fields and any labels you've created for your saved items. 

Text search for the word 'Zebra' within a user's saved items in Library Search.
3 search results will be returned (Zebrafish, zebra finch and zebra mussel).

Search within full text (improved)

Enable the Search within full text toggle to expand your search into the text of items.

Search within full text button highlighted in the Adjust your results section.

This tool has been improved and you can now:

  • Save searches that include this setting (while logged in) by pressing the Save search or create alert button.
  • Share searches using this setting. To do this, either:
    • Press the Scan QR code or copy link button
    • Copy the Search URL.

Helpful course reading list indicator

We now provide a handy indicator for search results that are included in published course reading lists to assist:

  • Students find readings and check whether they're looking at the correct edition of an item
  • Academics when updating learning resources and ensuring it's easy to see which items are already included on a reading list.
Search result: a book titled Discourses of power: from Hobbes to Foucault / Barry Hindess
The result includes a Course reading list note.

View the full item details to see which published course reading lists include this item.

Full item details for the book:  Discourses of power: from Hobbes to Foucault / Barry Hindess
Course reading lists (in the Details section) show that the item is in a published course reading list for POLS7000 - Writing Politics.

More ways to find information

  • Visit our Library Search resources for help and information
  • Check out our Library guides for Subject guides in your discipline and ways to find types of information
Last updated:
9 February 2023