Library Search news - February 2020

We’ve updated Library Search with some useful new features and performance improvements. Happy searching!

Mobile upgrade

Library Search mobile view.
Press for larger version.

Library Search now has an improved interface making it easier to use.

  • Access to Advanced Search in the menu
  • Easier access to filter results, save items and save searches
  • Navigate between item details' pages
  • New: favourite and export multiple items
  • New: Voice search (Android)

Voice search

Chrome browser and Android users can save time with voice search! Visit Library Search to give it a try.

Library Search bar with search box, Voice Search button and Do Search button.
Press the Voice Search button to speak your search.
  1. Press the Open voice search button (microphone icon) next to the search box.
    You will be asked for permission to access your microphone. Voice search will open and Library Search will listen for your voice.
  2. Speak your search terms in English. The system will confirm your spoken search in the search box and provide results for that search.
Library Search displaying search terms it detected in voice search. Search results below on screen.
Spoken search "climate change impact". The system displays the search terms it heard at the top. It then displays the search results.

Voice search works well for simple searches like titles and keywords. You will need to enter more advanced searches that include phrase searching (using quotation marks) or boolean searches (AND, OR and NOT) manually.

Favourite or export multiple items quickly

You can favourite or export up to 50 items at a time.

Select items

  • Check the Select record checkbox beside one or more items OR
  • Check the Select all displayed items box to select all your search results. This is 10 by default and more if you have scrolled through more results. The system will confirm how many you have selected. 

Once you have selected at least one item: 

  • you can use the Choose top 50 button to select 50 items at once (desktop version only)
  • the favourite and export actions are enabled.
One item has been manually selected. The mouse hovering over the Select all displayed items checkbox. When enabled this button selects all your current search results.

Add to favourites or add to favourites using labels

Add items to My Favourites to save them for later. Apply labels to organise your search results.

Remember to log in to Library Search so your results are saved to your account and are available later.

Press the Add item(s) button (the pin icon). The Add to favourites box will appear.

Library Search select and favourite screenshot. Description below.
Search results with 10 items selected. The mouse is hovering over the Add to favourites button. 

Add to favourites

Press the  Add to favourites button. The items will be saved to My Favourites in no particular order.

Add to favourites using labels

  • Type a new label to apply to all items
  • Select an existing label you have in use.

Your items will be saved to My Favourites with the selected label applied.

Export items

After selecting items from your search results:

  1. Press the Show export options button (the (...) ellipse icon). Export options will appear.
  2. Select your export option (Export RIS, EndNote Web, Bibtex, Print or Email)
Libary search export options. Description below.
Export multiple items using Export RIS, EndNote Web, Bibtex, Print or Email.

Get a citation in APA 7

The seventh edition of the APA citation style is available as an export option. To get a citation formatted in APA 7:

  1. Press the Citation button (Quotation mark icon) on a search result. The export options will open with the Citation option selected.
  2. Select the APA (7th edition) citation style.
  3. Press the Copy the citation to clipboard button.
Library Search result, citation button pressed and citation styles on screen. Description below.
Citation styles available: APA (7th edition), Chicago/Turabian (16th edition), Harvard, MLA (8th edition) and APA (6th edition).

We will retain version 6 as an export option until July 2020.

Other improvements

  • Opening full item details are now faster.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • The search box will now be automatically selected when the page loads.

Tell us what you think

If you'd like to send us feedback or tell us about your Library Search experience you can: 

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Last updated:
4 February 2020