Spotlight on the Library warehouse

Did you know that the UQ Library has a purpose-built, environmentally-controlled facility, located at the UQ Gatton campus, that can store and protect hundreds of thousands of books, journals, documents and archives? 

The facility is the largest in Australia and provides over 33 kilometres of compactus storage (it could accommodate a row of books that stretched from the University's St Lucia campus to Ipswich). Temperature and humidity are monitored to ensure optimal conditions are maintained, so it is ideal for the preservation of library materials. 

We have moved older, low use material from our libraries into this facility, freeing up much-needed space for students. Although this material may be offsite, it can be ordered online by library users and delivered to any of our libraries within days. 

Items which have come back into demand can be transferred out of the warehouse into a branch library collection at any time. Please contact us if this is required. 



Warehouse details: total floor area 2696m2, usable floor area 2002m2, total length of bookshelves 33177.6m, total bookshelf height 3145mm, shelf height 375mm, shelf length 1200m, 8 shelves per bookshelf, aisle width 1240mm.




Last updated:
19 April 2016