There are a three types of Digital Essentials quiz content to allow you to choose the method that best suits your needs:

  • UQ Checkbox — This is an external link at the end of each module. Students can use their UQ login to access the quiz and this captures their username on the certificate so that you can verify completion. This certificate can be saved as a PDF or a screenshot and may form part of a learning activity or assessment requirements. The certificate can also be uploaded to their ePortfolio.
  • H5P in Learn.UQ and edX(Edge) courses — You can add the quiz to your course in Blackboard to allow you to check response data and completion . You can also link it to Grade Centre. 
  • Quiz pools in Learn.UQ — You can embed a module quiz pool into your course. This allows students to test their study and digital knowledge and capabilities before completing a module or you can check their knowledge after they complete a module.

Instructions on using the H5P or quiz pools:


You can add a link to the H5P quiz to check your students' completions and to allow for the results to be transferred to the Grade Centre.

Get instructions on how to:

In Learn.UQ courses, at the step to navigate to the required H5P object:

  1. Under All Content click the Library folder
  2. Then click the Digital Essentials folder
  3. Locate the module quiz you wish to use
  4. Click the ellipsis then click Clone. This will take you into the quiz in H5P

  1. Click Clone and Insert  

When you return to your course ,and click on the H5P quiz link you created, it will open the quiz.

Digital Essentials H5P quizzes

You can use these links to view and complete each quiz but it will not record any completion data.

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Quiz pools for Learn.UQ

You can import a quiz pool into your Learn.UQ course site. You can use the quiz to check your student's knowledge after they complete a Digital Essentials module or as a self-assessment tool to direct students to specific modules to develop their study and digital knowledge and capabilities.

A pool is a bank of questions that can be reused repeatedly. After you import a quiz pool into your course, you can reuse it via the Test option. You can see the all the questions used in the pools before you add them to your course, by clicking on the quiz link at the end of each module. View an example question from each module (PDF, 190KB).

Instructions to:

Digital Essentials quiz pools

Each Digital Essentials pool contains between six and ten questions. You can add or delete questions to suit your course.


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Contact the Librarian Team if your require assistance with using the modules in your courses.

For courses using edX (Edge) as a platform, please contact your learning designer to see how you can use or link to the modules.