Choosing the right tool

Aims and objectives

Finding the right software, tool or app can be challenging. As a UQ student, you have access to a range of digital tools, including those tools already installed on Library computers, as well as tools downloadable to your personal devices and made available by Information and Technology Services. You can also access free tools that you can use now and after you graduate. This module is designed to help you find the right tool for your specific task, no matter what the task is.

This module will:

  • help you find a tool for a specific task
  • allow you to compare similar tools to find the best match.

You told us what digital tools you find useful at university. We want to share your ideas with other students.

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 Free tools are completely free to use with all features.

 Freeware tools include basic functionality for free. Additional features may need to be paid for.

 Open source tools are developed in a collaborative manner and can be used, modified or shared openly. This software can be used for free and often includes a lot of support documentation.

 Paid tools can only be used after purchasing, and agreeing to, a product licence.