We provide access to students' learning resources

What we need from you

Please review the resources entered at 3.1 and 3.2. of the electronic course profile

  • List each item on a separate line
  • Include the ISBN (if known)
  • Confirm as early as possible. Learning resources confirmed after 8 weeks prior to the start of semester may not be available for students in Week 1.

Once you are satisfied that the resources are correct, click on the ‘Confirm’ button. Once clicked the information will be sent automatically to the Library and School Locker.

At least 8 weeks notice is essential (PPL 3.10.03) for us to process your course reading list. Having your ECP published within this time frame helps us ensure resources are available for your students.

  • there are often long time frames as we need to get books back from loan, order books from overseas or get articles from other libraries
  • there is a huge rush at the start of semester

Indicate the importance of the resource on your ECP, this influences how we prioritise access to resources. On the reading list, we label resources as:

  • Required - for resources you list as required, compulsory, essential or mandatory
  • Recommended 
  • Further - for resources you list as further, supplemental, additional, useful, other or general 

 If you have a course reader:

  • make clear in the ECP which readings are already in the reader
  • if it is produced by POD, we will get a copy for students to borrow
  • if it is not produced by POD, we need you to supply a copy

The preference is for items to be placed in the ECP, especially books, however we will also accept emails to learningresources@library.uq.edu.au for large lists of articles and book chapters. These also need to be sent 8 weeks prior to the beginning of Semester.  ECPs and emails will be processed in order of receipt, to ensure equitable processing of lists across all Faculties and Schools.

Please indicate whether the item is required, recommended or further. For lists longer than 20 items please highlight which items are new and indicate if readings are intended for a particular teaching week.

Students can easily access and manage their learning resources

  • students have access to their reading lists via links on My LibraryUQ Library SearchLearn.UQ (Blackboard), and the ECP
  • students can add study notes, set reading status and export citations 
  • you can direct students to their course learning resources using the following URL format: http://www.library.uq.edu.au/lr/course code
  • Reading lists are available during semester only. Students needing to access digitised/scanned readings for supplementary examinations should be advised to submit document delivery requests for those items. Other items available electronically or held in print can be located via the UQ Library Search.

What the Library will do

  • create lists by 'teaching week' or by 'topic' (learn about the Talis reading list system)
  • link or scan items to provide online access wherever possible for books, chapters, journal articles and audio/video content
  • manage copyright and licensing agreement requirements 
  • put books on short loan to maximise access


The Library makes a limited number of textbooks available to students to ensure equitable access to resources.

  • the expectation is that students will buy required textbooks
  • we buy based on what is identified as required and recommended in the ECP
    • for required resources we purchase 1 copy per 100 students (rounded up), with a minimum of 2 copies and a maximum of 15 copies across all campuses
    • for recommended resources we purchase 1 copy of the title across all campuses
  • we have an e-preferred policy and will provide access to eBooks, in preference to print
  • if you are prescribing your own textbook we ask you to supply sufficient copies to the Library

For full details see our Collection Management Policy which is aligned with the UQ Policies and Procedures Library. Contact your librarian to discuss textbooks, including eBook options.

Contacts for your reading lists

learningresources@library.uq.edu.au, or contact your librarian