Use research (or publication) metrics when applying for a grant or promotion. Measures include citation metrics, journal quality indicators, benchmarking, altmetrics and collaboration.

10. Training and support for grants and professional development

Training and support options to assist researchers to gather and use research (or publication) metrics when applying for a grant or as part of your Annual Performance and Development (APD). 

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Metrics training 

Learn how to gather and use metrics and research engagement and impact evidence by completing our online training and attending in-person training sessions. 

Request tailored group training 

Contact the librarian team to request tailored metrics training for a group of four or more researchers within your faculty or unit. 

For individuals or smaller groups, we may arrange a consultation with you. 

Resources for internal grant schemes and Annual Performance and Development

  • Annual Performance and Development: attach additional evidence not found in your Individual Activity Profile to support your annual appraisal or promotion.  
  • Internal grant schemes: access relevant metrics and engagement and impact evidence as part of an internal grant application. 

Gather metrics and engagement and impact evidence 

  1. Use UQ author statistics to gather information on your publications listed in UQ eSpace. 
  2. Create performance reports: 
  3. Identify your top-performing papers  
  4. Check the online attention your publications have received through databases such as Altmetric Explorer or PlumX. 
  5. Demonstrate the influence of your books or book chapters
  6. Demonstrate the impact of your non-traditional research outputs

Support for external grant schemes where UQ is the lead

Individual researchers 

Before requesting metrics support, please visit the relevant Funding Scheme information page and submit your internal Notice of Intent / Expression of Interest to the Research Office. This is required for all researchers intending to apply to external schemes. 

Individual researchers applying for external grant schemes can request metrics assistance using our request form. Grant schemes include:

  • National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
  • Australia Research Council (ARC) excluding Discovery Program
  • Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

NHMRC Investigator Grant


Visit Publication metrics for the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Investigator grant for example statements and instructions for finding key evidence to include in your NHMRC Investigator Grant application. 

Metrics training sessions 

Publication metrics for your NHMRC Investigator grant application - Wednesday 3 July, 10:00-11:00am (online via Zoom).

Research engagement and impact evidence for your NHMRC Investigator grant application - Thursday 4 July, 10:00-11:00am (online via Zoom).

Metrics drop-in sessions

Ask questions and get help with finding metrics and other evidence relating to publications for your application. 

Request assistance for external grant schemes

Based on your request, we may:

  • Arrange a consultation with you to work through appropriate databases. We will explain the relevant metrics indicators for the grant scheme you’re applying for and how to collect the metrics. 
  • Provide a metrics report, tailored to your grant scheme, including for large or strategically important external grant rounds. Reports take up to 10 working days to complete. We may require more time during busy periods. 

Research groups and non-UQ researchers 

We may provide metrics reports for:

  • external group grant applications such as Centres of Research Excellence
  • non-UQ researchers applying for external grant schemes through UQ on an individual basis.

Email our Research Outputs and Impact Team at Please include: 

  1. Names of all researchers 
  2. Affiliations (for any non-UQ researchers) 
  3. Researcher identifiers:
    • Group applications: Scopus Author IDs for all group members fully populated with publications indexed in Scopus
    • Non-UQ researchers: at least one researcher identifier (e.g. ORCID ID, Scopus ID, or Researcher ID) populated with publications. Please indicate which identifier.
  4. Purpose of request (name of external grant scheme). 

Reports take up to 10 working days to complete. We may require more time during busy periods. 

Contact the Librarian team for expert advice.

Contact the Research Outputs and Impact team to request publication reports for Research units, Institutes or Faculties

  Next steps

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