When completing an on-campus exam in Safe Exam Browser you may experience minor delays loading or uploading data for your exam. This can present in one of the following ways:

  • The loading wheel screen becomes frozen
  • Questions load at the top of the screen only
  • PDF panels do not display correctly
  • The text entry box becomes slow or unresponsive

This is likely to occur at the start of an exam where many students are downloading exam content to their laptops on the same network.

If this occurs during an exam, it is recommended that you try the Refresh, Restart, Replace method.


  • Navigate to the Table of Contents question and wait for a few seconds before returning to the original question. You may need to repeat this a few times to prompt Inspera to refresh the content.
  • If the issue is persisting, you may need to restart Safe Exam Browser.


You may need to exit Safe Exam Browser, check that you are connected to an appropriate wifi network, then restart Safe Exam Browser.

  • If this occurs during an on-campus examination, a Tech Assistant will need to perform this step using the invigilator password
  • If the issue is persisting, your laptop may not be suitable to access the wifi network available and you may need to replace the laptop.


If your laptop is unable to load exam content in Safe Exam Browser, you may need to use a replacement laptop.

  • If you are completing a practice test at home: Contact AskUs for assistance to determine if there are other causes for the issue. AskUs can provide advice on how to borrow a laptop for your exam if required.
  • If you are in an exam room: Raise your hand to speak to a Tech Assistant.