How to post on a Learn.UQ discussion board.

Creating threads

Within a forum:

Click the Create Thread button

Click on Create Thread button

  1. Enter a subject relevant to the forum
  2. Type and format your message
  3. Attach a file by Browsing your Computer or using Dropbox
  4. Click Submit to publish the thread within the selected forum on the discussion board

Click on the Submit button

Creating messages

Mouse-over a message to display actions buttons. 


  • Reply to create a blank message in response to the message you selected OR
  • Quote to create a message that include the content of the post to which you are replying

Click on the Reply button


  1. Type and format your reply
  2. Click Submit to publish your message

Drafting messages

Save draft

When editing a message click Save Draft to save your post in an unpublished form so you can return later and update the content.

Click on the Save Draft button

Publish a draft

Locate your draft:

  • If you are drafting a thread go to the relevant forum
  • If you are drafting a message: go to the relevant forum and thread


  1. Select your message (it will be marked with a green "Draft" message)
  2. Click the Edit button on the post
  3. Update the content and click Publish to make the post visible to the course

Click on the Edit button

Viewing and collating threads and messages

Collect posts for easy reading

You can collect discussion board messages, or a whole thread, so you can sort and print them easily.

  1. Select the messages or thread/s to collect (you can also Select All)
  2. Click Message Actions > Collect

Click on the Collect from the drop down

  • The selected items will be organised for easy reading and printing
  • You can adjust the order or reply to any message as required

Click Print Preview to print the collected posts.

Click on the Print Preview button

View discussion board grades

On the discussion board in your course

Click Grading information on a discussion board forum or thread.

Click on the Grading Information button

View your grades and comments.

grades and comments page

On the Welcome screen

  • Go to the Welcome screen
  • Click My Grades in the Tools box

Click on My Grades button

Select your course and click the Assessment Item link

Assessment item page - click on your assessment