Expanded Open Access Publishing with Elsevier in 2023

Through 2023, UQ authors can publish open access research in all 1649 journals in the Elsevier Core Hybrid Collection with no out-of-pocket article processing charges (up to the 2023 article cap).

You have access to an additional 1414 journals with pre-paid article charges through an update to the Elsevier 2023 Read and Publish Agreement, between Elsevier and the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL), in June 2023. 

Publishing in included Elsevier journals

Articles accepted for publication in Elsevier journal titles can be open access immediately upon publication and meet funder mandates at: 

  • No cost (pre-paid article processing charges) in the 1649 included journals if the annual cap has not been reached 
  • A 15% discount on regular charges for more than 800 additional titles. 

Check whether a journal is included

Visit the Included Elsevier titles section of the Read and Publish agreement on the CAUL website to check:

  1. If the journal of your choice is in the expanded list
  2. Whether the article processing charges are pre-paid, discounted, or at full price under your specific journal’s agreement.

Review conditions and publish

View the Information for Authors section of the agreement to:

  1. Determine what conditions apply to publishing your article as open access
  2. Choose to publish your article as open access if you’re happy with the publishing conditions.

Browse 2023 Read and Publish Agreements

Visit our Read and Publish Agreements 2023 page to browse all agreements available to UQ authors. 

You can also use Journal Search (UQ login required) in UQ eSpace to:

  • See if the journal of your choice is part of a 2023 Read and Publish agreement
  • Find alternative titles with embargo pathways (under Sherpa Romeo open access and archiving policies).

Email scholarlypublishing@library.uq.edu.au for further advice.

About Read and Publish Agreements

Our Read and Publish agreements, also known as transformative agreements, combine the payment for reading content (subscriptions) with the payment for publishing open access content (the Article Processing Charge). They are the result of negotiations between the Library, CAUL and publishers.

Read and Publish agreements are one of the options being pursued globally in an attempt to find a sustainable pathway for researchers, libraries and scholarly publishers to increase open access to published research.

Last updated:
21 June 2023