Changes to electronic resource access coming 26 June 2023

From 26 June 2023, we will move to OpenAthens as our system for providing you with convenient and secure access to electronic resources.

Find out more about this change and how to prepare.

From Wednesday 28 June, update your EZproxy links and browser bookmarks to electronic resources to use OpenAthens. 

About OpenAthens

OpenAthens works with UQ Authenticate to log you in as a UQ user to the University's subscription-based electronic resources (databases, journal articles and ebooks, etc.) via single sign-on.

The system makes access to electronic resources simpler, including off-campus access. OpenAthens replaces the EZproxy system.

How you will access electronic resources

When accessing electronic resources, you will be directed to UQ Authenticate to sign in with your UQ ID and password if you are not already logged in.

You will be able to access electronic resources for 8-hours as part of your session.

Library Search

Access via Library Search is seamless. Click to visit the resource as normal and we'll connect you.

Available online link for Web of Science database in Library Search.
Did you know? When you access an electronic resource, such as the Web of Science database, from Library Search, OpenAthens helps provide access.

New: use via 'your institution' or OpenAthens

On external publisher websites, use the log in via your institution or log in via OpenAthens options to access resources. Where we provide access to that resource, you will be logged in.

This means that if you hit a paywall, you may be able to log in directly using the login options on the website.

Search to find your university, organisation or library.
You may need to search for the University of Queensland. Our link will include 'Under Construction' during setup only.

What the system change means for you

As part of the transition to OpenAthens, you may need to:

  1. Update EZproxy links to electronic resources in UQ systems such as Learn.UQ (Blackboard)
  2. Update or remove browser bookmarks that contain EZproxy links
  3. Save data from individual publisher websites such as saved items (e.g. the Bookshelf in Ebook Central) that rely on EZproxy information and will not be available after the system change.

How we will support you

We want to make the system change as easy as possible for you. To help with the change, there will be a transition period from 26 June. You can check and update any affected links and bookmarks from 28 June, before Semester 2 starts.

We will also support you by keeping you updated and:

  • providing a tool to recreate hyperlinks closer to the transition date
  • updating course reading lists in the Talis Aspire system
  • updating links in Library Search, UQ eSpace and library websites.

How to update links and bookmarks

  1. Check to see if you have any course links or bookmarks via the EZproxy system.
  2. From 28 June, use the linking tool we will provide to generate a new link via OpenAthens.
  3. Update your link or bookmark using the OpenAthens link.
Example resourceEZproxy link OpenAthens link (new)
Macquarie dictionary

Read Electronic resource access via OpenAthens for detailed instructions and to access the OpenAthens link generator.

Save data from publisher websites

If you have items saved on the Bookshelf in the EBook Central platform that you wish to keep, save a local copy of those items before 26 June. They will not be available after that date. To export your bookshelf:

  1. Go to EBook Central via Library Search and press the Bookshelf button 
  2. Press the Export Folder (paper icon) button (exports to CSV) or Email Folder (paper plane icon) button

To export your annotations:

  1. Press Annotated Books
  2. For each book, press the More Options (ellipses) button and then the Export Notes button

You can set up your new bookshelf a few days after OpenAthens goes live.

We will add details about other platforms with similar requirements here as we become aware of them. We will also post updates on our social media.

Stay tuned for more information

We will keep you updated about this change on our website and social media.

Contact us if you have concerns or would like more information at this time.


Last updated:
16 June 2023