Video call AskUs for assistance

Video call our AskUs team for assistance at kiosks in selected libraries between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. You can also contact other UQ support services (service times vary).

Our virtual service means you can get help in more places!

Find a kiosk

Find kiosks at the following St Lucia campus library locations and get directions:

Start a video call

Video call kiosk on desk in Central Library.
Video call kiosk. the screen indicates you can "Talk to UQ".
Signage reads: "Get instant support here. Video call AskUs, Student Services and more."

The kiosks are voice-activated or can be operated using the touch screen. 

  1. Say 'Help' or tap the screen to start.
    A list of UQ support services and support hours will appear.
  2. Select the Library from the list of support options. Either:
    • Tap the number for the Library option
    • Say the number, e.g. 'Number two'

      or call another available UQ support service.
  3.  The kiosk will connect you to AskUs via video call. This may take around 30 seconds. One of our AskUs team will appear on screen to assist you.

Hang up when you are finished.

Other ways to contact us

Visit AskUs: We're here to help you online and on-campus to learn more about our AskUs help and information service, including how we can help you and ways to contact us.

Last updated:
19 July 2022