Read & publish agreements make open access publishing easier

Open Access publishing enabled for UQ authors in 2022 via Read and Publish agreements with major publishers.

Many UQ authors may now publish research articles as open access in a range of journals more easily because of negotiations made with publishers by UQ Library in collaboration with the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL).

Our Read and Publish agreements, also known as transformative agreements, combine the payment for reading content (subscriptions) with the payment for publishing open access content (the Article Processing Charge or APC).

Read and Publish agreements are one of the options being pursued globally in an attempt to find a sustainable pathway for researchers, libraries and scholarly publishers to increase open access to published research.

While the requirements of agreements with each publisher vary, UQ corresponding authors assigning a Creative Commons licence to their work, can access Library funded APCs to publish under three categories:

  1. Uncapped APCs - Unlimited pre-paid Open Access publishing of research articles, in the included titles, for corresponding authors.
  2. Capped APCs - There may be limits set on the number of research articles that UQ corresponding authors can publish Open Access.
  3. Discount APCs - The publisher may offer a discount on APCs.

For further information, see Read and Publish Agreements 2022 or emailĀ

Last updated:
18 January 2022