Level one Central Library and Duhig Tower is open!

Freshly renovated spaces on level one of Central Library and the Duhig Tower have reopened. Check out the study spaces and services available. We’re excited to welcome you back! 

Duhig Tower level one

[Updated 26 July] Level one has reopened including the kitchenette and toilets.

Freshly renovated spaces 

Level one offers more than 450 study spaces, available 24/7. There are group and individual study spaces as well as casual seating options. The Bookmark Café is also open.

All public entrances/exits to Central Library and Duhig Tower are open again and you can move between the buildings using the internal pathway.

Sustainable choices

We have used recycled materials and reused furniture where possible to make the renovation works more sustainable. This includes:

  • carpet made of recycled materials
  • reusing a range of furniture 
  • choosing new furniture options that are multipurpose and easily moved around.

Updated walkway section of Central Library

The walkway between Central Library and the Duhig Tower feels like a completely new space. A range of multipurpose furniture fills the space, providing options for individual or group study. Don't forget to bring your laptop!

Central walkway. Click to enlarge image.
The walkway between Central Library and the Duhig Tower filled with group study tables.

Comfortable casual seating is available in the walkway space between the Duhig Tower foyer and Central Library.

Lounge seating in large foyer area. Click to enlarge image.
Casual lounge seating in the walkway between Duhig Tower and Central Library.

Central Library

Level one of Central Library has cafe-style seating next to the Bookmark Café. There is also casual seating on the purple stairs leading to level two.

Behind the stairs, you can find the High-Use and Requested Items section, book returns, and more study spaces.

Cafe style seating near Bookmark Cafe and Purple Stairs. Click to enlarge image.
Cafe-style seating near Bookmark Café and casual seating on the purple stairs leading to level two.

Update on library services

Services that were relocated while level one was closed are gradually returning to their regular locations. We will update this section as things return to normal. Stay tuned for updates!

High-Use and Requested Items 

The High-Use and Requested Items collections will be moved from level four back to the High-Use and Requested Items section on level one on Tuesday 25 May.

Items will be unavailable while they are being moved. Please contact us if you require assistance accessing a high-use or requested item during this time. 

Book returns 

Book returns will move back on level one on Tuesday 25 May, including both the automatic return shelves for high-use items and the book machine for general items.

AskUs service points 

The level one AskUs service point reopened on 18 May. The temporary level two service point is closed.

Assistive technology rooms 

The assistive technology rooms returned to level one on Friday 21 May.

Lockers and vending machines

Lockers and vending machines that were moved will remain on level two in their new locations. 

Tell us what you think 

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Last updated:
26 July 2021