Library Search news - October 2020

Library Search has some great new improvements, including a larger pool of search results to discover, helpful search filter adjustments, and more!

Upgrades to search filters

New filters 

Refine your search results using these new filters.

  • Archival Material / Manuscript
  • Market Research
  • Standards 
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Microform - filters to items in the format of microform
  • Computer file - filters to items in the format of computer files


Update any of your search alerts that use these updated filters:

  • Journals have been split into Journals and Newspaper Article filters
  • Video & Audio has been split Audio and Video filters
  • Research Dataset and Statistical Dataset have merged into Dataset
  • Technical Report and Research Report have merged into Report
  • Web Site has been renamed Web Resource

Small changes to the interface

The "multiple sources exist" link has been removed. Click the search result to find all the access links for an item.

Library search result from results list.
Example of updated Library Search result.

More search results

We have moved to a bigger pool of results for discovery. You might notice:

  • More results being returned for your searches
  • Improvements to the Citation path.

Tell us what you think

If you'd like to send us feedback or tell us about your Library Search experience you can: 

Other ways to contact us.

Last updated:
28 September 2020