Trial complete: floor maps in Library Search, service will not be continued

Our trial of including floor maps, and directions, for print items in Library Search (run between September 2019 and March 2020) has concluded. Thank you for trying the service and for sending us your feedback. While we are not continuing this particular service, we may investigate similar tools in the future. 

How we evaluate products and services 

When evaluating any new service, we consider: 

  • product and support costs 
  • the consistency of the interfaces and experiences we present to you 
  • flexibility and customisation of the interface 
  • how features compare with existing tools 
  • usage statistics 
  • your feedback. 

The result

COVID-19 (coronavirus) impacts, including the closure of the print collection between April and June 2020, resulted in the trial closing early. 

The product showed reasonable use. However, the cost of the product and the exceptional circumstances around COVID-19 meant it was not possible to continue providing this service. 

Use of floor maps

Between 26 September and 23 March there were: 

  • 12,592 floor map page views (6100 unique print items)
  • 380 clicks out to Google maps for Central Library 
  • 17 clicks out to Google Maps for the Walter Harrison Law Library. 

We could see that items, where the floor map was viewed, were also loaned. However, we did not determine whether these loans were correlated.

Central and Law libraries Floor map viewed Total
Number of items loaned 6054 30,009
Number of loans 10,428 37,589

Your feedback

We received 7 responses to our feedback survey during the trial. All respondents found the item they were looking for.

There were six pieces of written feedback.

  • five were positive statements about the floor maps feature
  • one was a comment about the colour contrast on the map.  

Tell us what you think

We will continue to investigate ways to make it easier to locate print items on the Library shelves. If you'd like to tell us about your experience using our services, you can:

Other ways to contact us.



Last updated:
5 August 2020