Payments system outage, Wednesday 27 May 2020

Library payments will be unavailable between 8.30am and 1.30pm on Wednesday 27 May due to system upgrades. You will be unable to make payments to the Library during this time.

This post explains how our services will operate during the payment outage. 

Print credit

Print credit top-up issue - resolved

[29 May] The Print credit top-up issue has been resolved. You can purchase additional print credit as normal. Thank you for your patience.

[27 May] Due to a system issue, you are not able to add print credit to your account. We are investigating and hope to have the issue resolved soon. We apologise for any inconvenience.

For students: you can use credit already in your account to print as normal. If you are out of print credit and urgently need to print study-related materials, please email from your student email. Briefly explain your situation and we will attempt to assist you. We respond to out of hours enquiries the next business day.

You can use any print credit within your print account to print as normal during the outage. However, you will be unable to purchase additional credit until after 1.30pm.

Please purchase sufficient print credit in advance, to avoid inconvenience.

Document delivery

Requests for document delivery can be made as normal.

Should the request require payment (for accelerated delivery, or for requests by other libraries) we will email you the payment link once payments are restored.

Membership applications: UQ Alumni

You can submit your application form online but will be unable to make payment during the outage. Library staff will contact you once payments are restored.

Library fines

You will be unable to pay fines during this time. Please try again after 1.30pm.



Last updated:
29 May 2020