Library Search news - May 2020

We’ve updated Library Search with useful new features and improvements. Happy searching!

Improved filtering

Search filters are now easier to use with the introduction of two new buttons in the Active filters area of Library Search:

  1. Lock all your current filters
  2. Remove all filters

Lock all filters

One click on the Lock all filters button will lock all your current active filters. This ensures that the filters will persist if you change your search terms.

Lock all filters with one click. 

Remove all filters

Press the Remove all filters to remove all the filters applied to your search results. Your results will refresh.

Remove all filters with one click. 

Locked filters from the Library homepage

Selecting one of the pre-filters of Library, Books, Journal articles, Video & audio, and Physical items will automatically apply locked filters in your search results.

Locked filters also apply to some searches from the Library homepage.


Access key databases in your subject area

The Databases by category list is now more convenient to use with subcategories opening automatically when you select a subject area.

Use the Key resources subcategory to see useful resources in your subject area.

Database search, Database results filtered by Business category.
Use categories to filter databases by subject area.
For example, the Business category has 33 database results. 
 database results filtered by Business category and Key resources subcategory.
The Key resources subcategory has six databases.

Tell us what you think

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Last updated:
12 May 2020