Find your item faster on the Library shelves

Borrowing items from Central Library or Walter Harrison Law Library, but not sure exactly where they are? Save time by checking the location of your item in Library Search. See the item pinned on a library map and get directions to the item from wherever you are.

From September 2019 to August 2020, we're showing floor maps in Library Search to make locating items on the shelf simpler. This limited trial is for Central and Walter Harrison Law libraries only.

Try the new maps feature and tell us what you think! Don't forget to share this post with your friends and colleagues at UQ. The more feedback we receive the better.

Clients with reduced vision or needing assistance should contact us before borrowing physical items instead of relying on this new feature.

Find your item in Library Search

In Library Search, select an item available in Central or Walter Harrison Law libraries. The Item Details page will appear.

Library Search result for a book held in Central Library.

Click the Find On Shelf button in the Get It section for the available copy you prefer. A library map with directions to the item will open in a new browser tab.

Item details page in Library Search. Copies of item in Central and Law Libraries have "Find On Shelf" button.
Library Search item details. Copies of items in Central Library and Law Library now display a "Find On Shelf" button.
Click the image to see a larger version.

See your item on the library map

The shelf your item is on will be marked with a red pin. For the Central Library High-Use and Requested Items section, and Law Journals, a block of shelves will be marked.

Central Library maps

Maps include level one (High-Use and Requested Items section), three and four.

The floor map and directions for Uniform civil procedure Queensland 2016 held in the High-Use and Requested Items section on level one of Central Library.
Click the image to see a larger version.

Walter Harrison Law Library maps

Maps include levels two and three.

The floor map and directions for Uniform civil procedure Queensland 2016 held on shelf 19A on level three of Walter Harrison Law Library.
Click the image to see a larger version.

Get directions

Below the library map, there are directions to retrieve the item, including:

  • Google Maps navigation directions to the Library building
  • Floor number
  • Shelf row number
  • Call number

You can then borrow the item as normal using a self-service loan machine.

Send us your feedback

Did the floor map help you find the book on the shelf? Complete our short Floormaps survey to tell us about your experience. The survey is also linked from the Directions section when viewing a library map.

How we'll use your feedback

We'll use your feedback and usage statistics to assess how useful and used the floor maps feature is during the trial period. 

This will help us weigh the costs versus the benefit to UQ. We'll update you on the trial and its outcome in 2020.

Help and support

Contact AskUs for assistance with finding items on the shelf and Library Search.

Last updated:
14 November 2019