Graphic Medicine display at Herston Health Sciences Library during September

Graphic Medicine resources, including graphic novels and memoirs, will be featured in the display case at Herston Health Sciences Library throughout September.

Browse a sample of the books on display below, or check them out on your next visit to Herston campus.

'Graphic medicine where comics and healthcare meet'
Ian Williams, founder of

Healthcare stories

These comics are raw accounts of healthcare experience by the author or someone close to them. They allow you, the reader, to experience the content visually and emotionally, e.g. through the facial expressions of the people in the story.

  • For a patient or their family, they can explain illness and provide coping strategies.
  • For health science students they make the story about a real human who has their own story and life experience.


Book coverChast, Roz. Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? Bloomsbury Publishing, 2016.

Talks about caring for elderly parents including a parent who has dementia.



Walrath, Dana. Aliceheimer's: Alzheimer's through the looking glass. Penn State University Press, 2016.

Book coverRoda, Paco. Wrinkles. Fantagraphics Books, 2016.

A clever story about Alzheimer's, ageing and keeping one's independence.



Book coverBell, Cece, Lasky, David and Finch, Kate. El Deafo. Amulet Books, 2014.


Body image

Dorfman, Andrea. Flawed. Firefly Books, 2018.
Falling in love with a plastic surgeon challenges the author to confront her own body image fears and eventually find self acceptance.

A short film based on the book:
Dorfman, Andrea, et al. Flawed. National Film Board of Canada, 2010, 13mins.


Fies, Brian. Mom's cancer. Harry N Abrams Inc, 2006.

True cancer story about the author's mum.

Marchetto, Marisa Acocella. Cancer Vixen: a true story. Pantheon, 2009.

A true story about a young woman's fight to overcome cancer.



Book coverPortsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Type 1. Revolve Comics, 2016.

“Revolve Comics have collaborated with Diabetes Specialists... and people living with type 1 diabetes to create a comic series based on Type 1 Diabetes.”



Forney, Ellen. Marbles: mania, depression, Michelangelo, me. Gotham Books, 2012.


Gender-affirming healthcare

Book coverSymington, Sabrina. First Year out a Transition Story. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017.

Based on the author's own experiences as a trans woman.


Mental Health

Hope4 Life NI. Uberheros. Revolve Comics, 2017.

A comic series helping young people find the power and strength to face challenges in life such as parents divorcing, school grades, suicidal or self harm thoughts, autism and self-esteem.



Book cover image

Dunlap-Shohl, Peter. My Degeneration: a Journey through Parkinson's. The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2015.


Practising Medicine

Williams, Ian. The Lady Doctor. Myriad Editions, 2019. 

Depicts the funny and challenging aspects of being a doctor in a genitourinary medicine clinic. 

Williams, Ian. Bad doctor. The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2015.

Explores the day to day highs and lows of being a physician.


Teaching and learning using graphic medicine

Muñiz, Jorge. Sparkson's Illustrated Guide to ECG Interpretation. Medcomic, LLC, 2018.

ECG - Electrocardiography

Czerwiec, Mk. Graphic Medicine Manifesto. The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2015.

An introduction to graphic medicine.

Book coverMuñiz, Jorge. Medcomic: the Most Entertaining Way to Study Medicine. Third ed., Medcomic, LLC, 2018.


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29 August 2019