The return of Central Library

The Social Sciences and Humanities Library will be renamed Central Library on 1 February 2019. This post explains how the name change reflects the evolving role of this library at the University.

Central Library in 1973 and 2019 from Forgan Smith side of building with a fountain in the foreground.

  • Left: black and white image (1973) showing original entryway and fountain.
  • Right: colour image (2019) showing garden where entryway had been and modified fountain. 

A change for the future

The name Central Library will be familiar to many – it was the name of the library from its opening in 1973 until 1998. Rather than looking back, however, we are changing the name with a view to the future.

We provide one of the largest academic library collections in Australia, and it is still growing. The print collection in Central Library incorporates both the social sciences and humanities collection and engineering and sciences collection, is used by students and staff in many disciplines.

We believe the name change will better reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the collection and connect our students with the resources available to them. 

Central Library from Duhig Tower/Campbell Road side of building in 1972 and 2019.

  • Left: black and white image (1973) of Library Staff moving items into the Library.
  • Right: colour image (2019) showing stairs and ramp over the Duhig Link connecting Duhig Tower and Central Library on the left and Duhig Place and gardens on the right.

Developing the collection, improving the space

Materials to support the social sciences and humanities will continue to be an important part of the library collection. We will continue to develop this collection alongside other disciplines.

In addition, the Library is undertaking a major upgrade of the Central Library in 2019. This will provide much-needed space that encourages study and research, and fosters creation and collaboration. 

The space will be welcoming and engaging, with better access and more seating.

Angled photo of Central Library from the front of Forgan Smith building, 1973 and 2019. 

  • Left: black and white image (1973) of Central Library with the footpath in front.
  • Right: colour image (2019) showing garden bed surrounded by construction fencing and cars and scooters and the footpath in the foreground.

Changes you may notice

From 29 January, we will begin updating the location name in library systems, like Library Search, and on signage in our libraries. You may notice changes in:

  • Library Search e.g. both Central and Social Sciences will be available as locations for items in the collection during the transition
  • Item requests (holds and document delivery) e.g. you may be able to select both libraries as a pickup location. We recommend you choose Central Library
  • Signage in and around our libraries over time.

Other libraries remain unchanged

The Central library covers the Duhig North building (12) and Duhig Link (12a). Other libraries, including the adjacent Duhig Tower (building 2) and the Fryer Library are unaffected by this name change.

Ways to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about the name change, the collection or any of our services. You can follow progress with the upgrade of the Central Library on our blog. Contact us any time if you’d like a presentation in any forum.

Welcome back to Central Library.

Central Library from Campbell Road, 1971 and 2019.

  • Left: black and white image (1971) of the construction site for Central Library. There is a sign, which reads “Central Library – Stage 1. To be built on this site by The University of Queensland” and cars in the foreground.
  • Right: colour image (2019) of Central Library with Duhig Place in front of the library and cement seating in the foreground.
Last updated:
5 February 2019