Print a 3D model or attend a training session

You can print a 3D model using your print credit, or come to a training session on 3D modelling and printing in the Library.

3D printing

You can send us a 3D printing request online. We deduct the cost of the print job (prices start at $5) from your printing account.

3D printer in display cabinet, Centre for Digital Scholarship.
Take a look at a 3D printer at work in the Centre for Digital Scholarship.

You're able to print in either biodegradable plastic or resin and in a range of colours.

Spools of coloured filament.
Spools of coloured filament. We print the job in the colour of your choice.

3D modelling and printing training sessions

We run training sessions on 3D modelling and printing for students and staff in the Centre for Digital Scholarship. We can teach you how to easily capture everyday objects in 3D using your smartphone and free software. 

Sessions include:

  • 3D Printing and Modelling presentation
  • 3D Modelling Made Easy (parts 1 and 2)

See what's available and book a place.

View all training events

Share your experience

If you have printed a 3D model or come to one of our classes we'd love to hear how it went!

Send us a picture of your 3D model or something cool you've seen in a training session on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Use the hashtag #uqlibrary, or send us feedback anytime.


Last updated:
7 March 2018