Your valuable contributions help us to make a difference by growing and preserving our collections, supporting research and digitisation, funding awards and creating innovative learning spaces. 

Images (l-r): 2015 Fryer Library Award Winner Dr Damien WilliamsHelen Haenke Papers donated to the Fryer Library; Digitisation staff scanning the Papers of Karl Langer (UQFL158).

Support our greatest need

Greatest need means you enable the Library to dedicate funds to support our important projects or priorities.

Connect students with our rare and unique collections

Help us create a dedicated teaching space within the Fryer Library to allow for greater access to our special collections for students across all disciplines of the University and our wider community. 

Fund research collections for the Library

Grow and maintain our research collections

Balancing developing a well-resourced collection and providing obscure or very specific resources for faculties and schools, students and staff is an ongoing challenge.

Help us provide world-class resources by topping up funds that enable us to acquire new materials and respond to the needs of UQ courses, academics and students.

Purchase rare or culturally significant items for Fryer Library

Help the Fryer Library to build upon our established collection of rare books, Australian literature and manuscript material. Once purchased, our rare items can be shared and enjoyed either online as an exhibition or in person by visitors to the Fryer Library and our events.

Donate rare or culturally significant items 

View our donation guidelines if you are interested in donating rare or culturally significant items to the Library.

Digitise parts of our collection 

Images (l-r): Donations were used to purchase 'Men of Flowers' by Peter Lyssiotis and Humphrey McQueen to add to our collection; Digitised diary of Turkish soldier Refik Bey; architectural drawing from Wilson Architects Collection.

Help us progress the scanning of our collections so they can be preserved and shared online and be made available to people with a visual impairment.

Our current projects include:

Every dollar helps:

  • $10 could digitise an architectural drawing
  • $100 could digitise a thesis
  • $500 could digitise a book

A large number of our digitised works are available through our UQ eSpace online repository.

Fund awards and scholarships

We recognise the hard work and academic success of our students and researchers through our awards and scholarships program. We currently award:

Help us extend this program to offer new paths to academic success.

Contribute to innovative learning spaces

Students, staff, members and guests use the Library every day and take advantage of our facilities, 24-hour areas and study spaces. Help us support the changing needs of our clients by ensuring that:

  • collections are carefully stored and preserved
  • buildings contain enough computers and study areas
  • buildings can be upgraded to support client needs
  • our Libraries have modern interesting technology such as 3D printers

Thank you for your support. Your gifts and donations make a difference. 

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