This guide will show you how to use EndNote with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC). Before you use this guide please download EndNote and set up your EndNote Library.

4. Subsequent references

Where a source is repeated more than one time, it is called a subsequent citation. Subsequent citations are indicated in two ways:

  1. Ibid is used where you have cited the same source in the immediately preceding footnote
  2. Cross-referencing the first citation occurs for non-consecutive subsequent citations.


EndNote will apply ibid automatically. If the subsequent reference has a different pinpoint, however, you must indicate that.

  1. Click on Ibid. This will be highlighted once selected
  2. Click on the Edit & Manage Citation(s) button and the dialogue box will open
  3. In the pages field type in the required text (if you are citing a section or article, you will need to add the abbreviation yourself)
  4. Click on the OK button and save the changes in Word.


For non-consecutive subsequent citations EndNote will insert the shortened form of the citation: Monohan (n or Family Law Act (n.

You can use Word’s Cross-Reference feature complete the citation:

  1. place your cursor after the n
  2. choose References from the Microsoft Word toolbar and Cross Reference
  3. change Reference Type to Footnote (and untick “insert as hyperlink”)
  4. select the footnote where you first cited the resource and select insert.
  5. close the window.

Word will update the cross-reference if needed, if you access the print preview screen or print the document.