References can be added to EndNote by exporting (or importing) references from databases:

  • Direct Export - exporting directly from a database into EndNote
  • Using a filter - saving the reference as a text file and importing into Endnote

Direct Export

Most databases provide direct export to EndNote. The database will format the references in one of several standard formats. 

  1. Select the references you would like to export
  2. Choose Export, Download or a similar option
  3. Select Export format: Endnote or RIS if required
  4. Export All Available Information
  5. Click OK
  6. Select Open with EndNote or Open with ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper (or another similar option)
  7. Check that the references have been imported into your library and are accurate.

If the export goes to your downloads folder, open the files with EndNote to import them into your library.

Mac users may need to configure their system to open downloaded files with EndNote.

Export settings for different databases

Check the database help page for information about how to save and download references.

Direct export from Google Scholar

Google Scholar can direct export individual citations.

  1. Choose Settings from the menu on the Google Scholar search screen
  2. At Bibliography manager, select Show Link to Import citations into and choose EndNote
  3. Click Save.

You can then have an Import into EndNote option in your Google Scholar search results.

Note: Always check for errors in the citation fields which have been exported into EndNote.

Export multiple references from Google Scholar

Note: You must be signed into a Google account to use this feature.

  1. Run your search
  2. Click the star icon on each result you want to export
  3. Click My library on the Google Scholar page to see the list of results you selected
  4. Select the results to export
  5. Click the Export icon and choose EndNote.

Using a filter

Some databases do not offer direct export and a filter is required.

After exporting a file from the database, in EndNote:

  1. Select File and then click Import
  2. Browse to the downloaded file
  3. Select the filter from the Import Options box
  4. Click Import.

EndNote comes with many filters and additional filters can be downloaded from the EndNote website.

Factiva to EndNote

The database Factiva does not have an option to export to EndNote.