Artificial Intelligence

Aims and objectives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a term used widely in various topics. This module will provide an introduction into what AI is, the different types, the implications of AI, what research is being done at UQ and how students can learn about or get involved with AI.

This module will:

  • discuss what AI is and the different types of AI
  • explore key concepts such as machine learning, deep learning and neural networks
  • outline various ethical implications and misconceptions surrounding AI
  • outline what AI related research is occurring at UQ and how students can study AI.

4. AI research at UQ

Research around the uni

For information about who is currently active in researching AI see:


QBI events provide a backdrop for exclusive engagement with a national and international community. Here, QBI scientists engage with key supporters, influencers, community groups, not-for-profits and corporations through a series of informative interactive research lectures. 

From the curious beginner to the advanced practitioner, the Queensland AI group is for anyone interested in learning and sharing ideas in AI. They aim to run events to get people together and to support all the great AI initiatives taking place in Queensland.


This is an article on how AI will impact Universities written by Professor Mark Dodgson of UQ Business school.

Dr Adnan Trakic, a UQ researcher with funding from the Queensland government for his work with AI, is going to develop a robot to detect structural faults in buildings.

Research projects

Automated Microseismic Event Detection with Machine Learning is a research project in the school of Earth and Environmental Sciences.


Duration:   Approximately 20 minutes

Graduate attributes

Knowledge and skills you can gain to contribute to your Graduate attributes:

 Ethical and social understanding

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