Introduction to the Social Sciences: A New Open Textbook

Open Textbooks @ UQ has a new open textbook, Introduction to the Social Sciences, published in May 2023.

About the book

cover of Introduction to the Social SciencesIntroduction to the Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary introduction to the social sciences with an applied approach to the study of human society. The book is written by Dr Zoe Staines, Associate Professor Gerhard Hoffstaedter and Ned Binnie from the School of Social Science.

The authors have used a blend of text, video, and online materials to help students learn the skills for independent study and collaborative investigation. Upon the successful completion of the book, students will have gained critical knowledge on Australian and global social issues, relevant policies, and possible solutions.

Open Textbooks @ UQ

Open Textbooks @ UQ is The University of Queensland’s open book creation platform. It uses Pressbooks to help find, create, adopt and adapt open books for your courses. Students will get:

  • Free online access to the textbook
  • No access limitations
  • An increased sense of belonging due to the inclusion of local context and a diversity of viewpoints.

There are also grants available to help UQ academics to adapt or create open textbooks and use them in courses.

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The Open Textbooks @ UQ snapshot page has details of the UQ authors awarded grants to create open textbooks and the courses they are used in.

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Last updated:
26 May 2023