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Make 2023 the year you adopt open science and research practices at UQ. Check out our guides and resources to get started with open research practices.   

About open research

Open research can make the scientific and research process more transparent, accessible, and inclusive. It can accelerate scientific discovery and supports global equity.

Open research includes open access publications and preprints, open research data, open software and code, and open educational resources.

Open publications

Open access refers to unrestricted online access to articles published in scholarly outlets.

It can increase the visibility of your research and foster collaboration and allow access to research without using expensive databases. We provide access to 'Read and Publish' arrangements to make open access publishing options more accessible.

Open data

Open data supports accessibility and transparency. It allows researchers to share their research and get credit for their work by storing data in publicly accessible and trusted data repositories.

It also allows researchers to access a wide range of datasets that can speed up the research process and reduce the costs and burdens of collecting new data. 

Open research software 

Open research software and code supports the transparency and reliability of research. The software can be reused to run analyses and validate claims.

Open software shared via open repositories ensures researchers can get credit for software, code or tools they create and make available for reuse.  

Using existing open-source software is cost-effective and accessible and can result in better software tools as collaborators in the community can access and enhance the code. 

Open educational resources 

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials that allow users to (legally and freely) use, adapt, and reshare them.

They include textbooks, courses, tests, and projects. OERs support access to high-quality content and can be easily adapted or customised to suit your students.

Creating your own OERs allows you to retain ownership and get credit while still allowing others to use, share or modify the work.

Our Open Textbooks @ UQ service provides access to a book-authoring platform called Pressbooks and makes grants available for staff wanting to create or adapt an open textbook.  

Last updated:
20 January 2023