Library Search news - February 2022

Library Search and Database Search have some handy new features that will save you time and provide more ways to access the resources you need. 

Access PDF and HTML formats

Selected search results to electronic resources will now include Access PDF and Access HTML links for quick access to the format of your choice. You can expect these links to appear on more electronic search results over time.

You can continue to use the Available online link or view the full item details for more access options. 

Access PDF and Access HTML links visible in Library Search results. Click for larger version.
Two articles in Library Search displaying one or more Access links.

Improved search filters for small screens

Library Search filters on small screens and mobile devices will now always display filtering options including the Exclude icon.

Library Search filters for small screen. Click for larger version.
Library Search filters on a small screen with the Exclude option visible all the time.

Electronic journal coverage information

Where we do not have complete online access to a journal, you may be provided with a short description of what is available, e.g. selected years or date ranges. These coverage statements may take a short time to load while you are browsing.

Library Search electronic journal coverage. Click for larger version
Two journals in Library Search with coverage statements showing the subset of journal titles available.

Updated Database Search

Database Search will now provide an improved search and more relevant results. The search has exapnded beyond the title, supporting a keyword search including subjects, description, authors, publisher, and more!

Seven database search results. Click for larger version.
Database Search results based on a wider range of database metadata.

Tell us what you think

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Last updated:
14 February 2022