Use your Digital Research Notebook in the Lab

UQ researchers, evolve your practice in the lab and replace your lab notebook with a Digital Research Notebook. 

Add content to your notebook

Create a Digital Research Notebook via UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) system. Add and create content in ways that work for you from your laptop, tablet or smartphone including:

  • taking images and uploading them directly to the notebook
  • input files directly from instruments
  • drag and drop files to pages in the notebook
  • handwrite using a stylus
  • direct keyboard entry.
Researcher using their Digital Research Notebook on a tablet in the lab.
Researcher using their digital research notebook.

Great features

Your digital research notebook manages your data and is searchable and easy to share. 

In the lab environment, you can be sure that when an experiment goes wrong, or chemicals are spilt, your notebook won’t be destroyed in the process! No more sticking, glueing, cutting and pasting. All entries can be saved, moved and edited appropriately. And pages can’t be cut out or removed!

UQ researcher in lab disinfecting their smartphone.
Hygiene and safety are important when using personal devices such as smartphones in the lab.

Make the switch

Go to UQRDM to sign up for a Digital Research Notebook or discuss with your lab manager how they could work for you.

Check out our Digital Research Notebooks guide for more information or email us at

Last updated:
28 November 2019