HathiTrust Digital Library

UQ students and staff have access to digitised titles and data analytics from HathiTrust Digital Library. 

HathiTrust is a partnership of academic and research institutions working to preserve digitised records through their Digital Library. 

Search the online Library

HathiTrust Digital Library offers access to millions of digitised titles from libraries around the world.  Over four hundred languages are represented and topics range from historical print texts through to present day works and government documents.

  • Log in with your UQ ID and password to get the most out of the collection. You can search the catalogue to get basic information or full text to full-text to get descriptive information and access.
  • Build your own collection and read full-text online.
  • The site is also mobile friendly.

Access data analytics on the collection

The HathiTrust Research Centre (HTRC) allows educational and non-profit institutions use of the Digital Library for the purpose of data analysis. HTRC has developed tools that assist with text-based and data-driven research. 

  • Create your own workset or use the HTRC research datasets to perform analysis. 
  • Run algorithms and create data capsules for a secure computing environment to analyse the content from HathiTrust Digital Library.

Users must create a login to use the tools.

Our digital contribution to the Digital Library

As a member of HathiTrust the Library has contributed to the collection various titles that provide a rich history of the University including University of Queensland Calendars, UQ Gazettes and Galmahra the magazine of the University of Queensland. We have also shared some of our unique or rare books from the Fryer Library.

Shared Print Program

We collaborate with other libraries and institutions on the Shared Print Program. This program is great for UQ staff and students, as you have access to more digitised materials from other libraries. Other benefits of this program include:

  • Members sharing the management of a large print collection
  • Ensuring security of both print and digital copies by some members of HathiTrust retaining print copies of digitised materials

Currently, we hold and manage 10,301 print holdings that are part of the Shared Print Program.

Why not explore HathiTrust Digital Library or try the HTRC Analytics for your research.

Last updated:
14 April 2021