Heritage building plans available in UQ eSpace

We recently digitised some of the wonderful heritage architecture plans in our collection, which are now available to view and research via UQ eSpace. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Karl Langer

Karl Langer was influential in adapting modernist architectural design to Queensland. He was born in Vienna, Austria in 1903 and worked as an architect with modernist designer Josef Frank and the office of Schmidt and Aichinger. In 1939, he moved to Australia and began to adapt modernist designs to the humid climate conditions of Queensland. He published Subtropical Housing, a guide on how to adapt architecture to the climate. He even designed his own house at St Lucia in the modernist style. He lectured in architecture and town planning at the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology. Karl Langer also worked as a town planner and designed various buildings ranging from residential to large-scale public works.

Among the digitised Karl Langer collection are the designs of the Lennon’s Broadbeach Hotel, Langer House, and the Main Roads Department. Keep your eye on this collection as we are adding more to UQ eSpace.

Wilson Architects

Wilson Architects are one of Australia’s oldest architect firms and created many iconic buildings in Brisbane. One such building is the Cliffside apartments. Architect-engineer Ronald Martin Wilson designed Cliffside in late 1935 and the construction of the five-storey residential building occurred between 1936 and 1937. Cliffside was heritage listed in 2004 and still stands on the original site at Kangaroo Point today. 

The University of Queensland site plans by Hennessy and Hennessy

Many architects have contributed to the building of The University of Queensland St Lucia campus, but it was Hennessy and Hennessy who were first appointed by the government in 1936.  Hennessy and Hennessy were a father and son practice. Although early designs of the site had been modified, versions of the Great Court still features within them. Designs of the cloisters, proposed layout and perspective sketches have been digitised from this collection.

Lange Powell

Lange Powell was an important Queensland architect. He established various architectural partnerships including Chambers and Powell, Powell and Hutton, and Atkinson Powell and Conrad. Many prominent buildings in Brisbane and Queensland were designed by Powell in various styles, including the Arts and Crafts, Georgian, and Classical Revival styles. 

We hold various plans of Powell’s designs including those within the partnerships. One striking set of plans in the collection are The National Bank of Australasia. This building was designed by Melbourne architects A. & K. Henderson and assisted by Atkinson, Powell and Conrad. The building was constructed in 1929-30. The National Australia Bank was listed on the Queensland Heritage Register on 21 October 1992.

You can view our digitised architecture collections in UQ eSpace.

Last updated:
25 September 2020